Dubbing & Interpretation

Transflow’s dedicated team of linguists, voice-over artists help your business communicate with a wide audience spread across geographies and regions. Proficiency in dialects and cultural understanding related to a specific language makes it easy for dubbing artist to deliver error free, contextually relevant dubbing. The very high standards of linguists ensure any requirement in terms of interpretation can be seamless handled.

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A post production process, dubbing relates to the process of recording and replacing audio for movie, interview or tv show or any other audio-visual content. Dubbing relates to the replacement of a soundtrack from source language to the desired language. It is a predominant feature used for feature films that get screened across multiple regions. The feature film in such instances are dubbed in local languages to attract native audiences and draw a favorable response.

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Interpretation is the process turning content from source language into easily comprehendible destination language. Interpretation can also be termed as the explanation of given content into the language of interest emphasizing on the cultural and language traits of a region or geography.

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