Increase Brand Adoption & Outreach Through Localization

May 29th, 2019 Localization

With robust economic growth and NIFTY coming to an all time high, India is all set to become one of the the most favored global markets, once again. Apart from being the most favored, is India an easy market to penetrate? The answer to that is NO.


KPMG study suggests with over 450 million internet users, India is the second-largest online market after China. According to TRAI of these, 195 million are local language internet users. It is high time; global brands spare a thought about driving marketing strategies through localization. The diversity of Indian languages may look vast, but the good news is- over 50% of the population can be reached with the top dozen languages or less, if you have the right localization partner.


Looking for the right localization partner to scale your business and maximize ROI?
Congratulations, you are at the right place. We bring in the following values.


  • Translation & Transcription – With over 3000 linguists KPTLocalization provides best in class, translation, transcription and voiceover services with over 180 languages at disposal.
  • App & software localization – Transflow has seen the maximum success with software localization: desktop software, web applications and mobile apps. We have served more than 100 esteemed clients in this domain.
  • Multilingual Websites- Multilingual content can explode the traffic on your website eventually increasing the chances of conversion.
  • AI & ML powered services- Get access to world class AI & ML powered language solutions that gives you an edge over your competitors.


With over a decade and half years of experience in the field and having served the biggest names of the industry, Transflow sure is the one stop solution for all your localization and globalization needs.