AI Powered Language Solutions

AI algorithms are heavily dependent on available language corpus. Hence, having a good language corpus in terms of quality and size is very important for any company involved in the language technology and AI space.

KeyPoint’s Pioneering AI powered technology and advanced native language processing capabilities have helped shape valuable, successful products, enhancing user experience while improving text input,
intent detection & discovery.

These solutions have captured over 360 Million Intents/ month from 5+ Billion Keyboard Sessions.

100 + Millions
30 + Million
We Power

Artificial Intelligence Capabilities

Our expertise can help you quickly ramp up your product’s capabilities, helping you achieve your goals in building or expanding the scope of your language technology products.

Our wide gamut of best in class services ably supports in the following areas;

  • Text and Speech Recognition
  • Creation Verification & Validation of Language corpus
  • Intent Analysis & Classification
  • Sentiment Analysis & Classification
  • Data Annotation, Labelling & Training
  • Input Analysis & Classification
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Entity Recognition & Extraction
  • Word Embeddings

Quality Language


A well-crafted heterogeneous corpus is a collection of spoken or written material in machine readable format, collated for the purpose of linguistic research and development. It is a quintessential component for businesses looking to advance in the language technology space.

  • Language corpus collected and used for purpose of updating language models continuously over a period of 10+Years involving 500+Man Years of effort
  • Language Word Lists – Handcrafted lists of most common and most used words for 180+ Languages by experienced Language-specific Linguists
  • Web crawled data for all 180+ languages (Ex: Common Expressions, Proverbs, Idioms, news etc.)
  • Language Rules defined for all languages
  • Translation memory containing previously translated words, phrases, sentences, done as part of content localization services
  • Data curated from several domains and multiple sources
  • The clean corpus is completely de-duplicated, tagged with appropriate categories and associated with additional metadata, relevant for being used in advanced machine learning algorithm.
  • Variety of tools to fast track the research and development needs of the projects involving AI and Language Technology
  • KeyPoint Technologies has a network of 3000+ linguists who have been trained to understand the requirements of language technology and can help in the development and testing of language products
Language Genus

Types of Language

KeyPoint localization provides for an array of language corpuses that can be seamlessly utilized for different language technology products and solutions.

  • Raw Corpus
  • Clean Corpus
  • Boost Corpus
  • Crafted Word Lists for different needs
  • Language Rules
  • POS Tagged Corpus
  • Parallel corpus for multiple languages
  • Labelled Corpus with entities including locations, names, brands etc.
  • Domain Specific Corpus
  • Macaronic Language Corpus
  • Frequent Words/Slang words in all Languages

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