Case Studies

Below are the few Case studies Transflow had worked on.

Case Studies

Media – Real Time Machine Powered Translation

The rapid advance of internet connectivity and the rise in consumption of
regional news has caused a seismic shift in the way consumers interact with
the media. This wave has created tremendous opportunities for news
aggregators for customizing regional news experience…

Gaming – Game Localization

Client request was to translate the Fantasy Game content which is in English to all major South East Asian languages which include, Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Bahasa Indonesia…

Medical – Translation & SW Localization

for a medical supplies and equipment manufacturer…

MFG – Website & Media Localization

The client, a household name with a diversified portfolio of household appliances
and farming equipment, wanted to reach out to audiences in every region and
build a favorable, profitable connect. Client wanted to translate their website,
product and marketing related collaterals from source language to multiple
regional languages. They also wanted native language users to get more involved
with their application by localizing the application, based on region and
population’s proximity to a specific language…

OEM – Device Localization

The client approached us with a mandate to incorporate a solution in their popular
mobile devices that would enable the end user to communicate in native
languages. They also wanted the UI to be localised as per the targeted audience for
end users to enjoy a semless experience…

OEM – Languages Corpus

The client had a mandate for us to provide them a ready to integrate, built,
verified and validated language corpus solution to power the predictive
engines on their devices…

Retail – Real Time ML Translations

Language Solutions to Interact and Engage with a Larger Userbase…

Travel & Tourism – Website Localization

Clients mandate was to accurately translate all information
available on the website in to Hindi multiple south Indian languages
and a few other global languages for the consumption of native
language users…

Telecom – App Localization

The client, a telecom giant from India, with a rapidly growing userbase, wanted us
to help them translate and localise their application for large scale consumption by
native language users…

Technology – Translation & Proofread

The client a multinational corporation headquartered in Japan had an exhaustive
requirement that required KeyPoint to carry out translation and proofreading.
Proofreading 2 million words from 56 languages for Toyota SAT-NAV Device…

Voice over & Subtitling

Voiceovers can be successfully rendered in different voices, ex. male,female,young or old by experienced artists as per the clients request…

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